Junior Graphic Designer

3BLACKDOT (3BD) is a digital entertainment studio which partners with audience driven creators and community focused brands to create, produce, and finance innovative, original, and cross platform entertainment experiences. Today’s youth culture is marked by online/offline fluidity and 3BlackDot aims to optimize the user experience by creating complete 360 degree content worlds centered on the user, allowing writers, directors, talent and brands the opportunity to connect with their fans through immersive content experiences. Having in-house departments in film, TV, gaming, merchandise, events and publishing, 3BlackDot aims to create properties, products and campaigns which can be exploited simultaneously in these areas — while reducing the time to market. The vertically integrated company is uniquely positioned to harness the power of audience driven creators and satisfy the need for holistic entertainment/consumer experiences. Since its founding, 3BD has partnered with creators to sell more than 15 million books worldwide, amass 23 billion digital views, accumulate 100M+ subscribers across its network of 85 creators and has shipped hundreds of thousands of physical merchandise.

A Jr. Graphic Designer at 3BD is a storyteller and maker who uses design to bring ideas to life. You approach and produce projects with fresh, high quality designs that are unique in their tone and voice. We value applying personal design experience with desire to assist and learn from Senior Designers and Brand Managers. An eye for detail along with a keen understanding of how to communicate mood within stated brand guidelines is a must.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Work towards achieving Brand goals and vision for the art and deliver high quality pieces
  • Develop 3BD company marketing collateral (including websites, decks, email newsletters and social media content)
  • Participate in technical and artistic problem solving
  • Create graphic treatments
  • Develop multi-page layout and typography
  • Create logos, graphics and branding
  • Maintain team timelines and deadlines for all design/merch deliverables; Help maintain and manage an efficient workflow among internal department team
  • Edit and retouch photos
  • Develop unique and eye catching packaging design
  • Complete various other graphic design tasks


  • Exercise good communication skills with the ability to discuss complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms
  • Be a team player and accept any and all aspects of design concept or production work
  • Demonstrate willingness and ability to adapt design styles in accordance with project needs