Sales Account Manager

3BLACKDOT (3BD) is a digital entertainment studio which partners with audience driven creators and community focused brands to create, produce, and finance innovative, original, and cross platform entertainment experiences. Today’s youth culture is marked by online/offline fluidity and 3BlackDot aims to optimize the user experience by creating complete 360 degree content worlds centered on the user, allowing writers, directors, talent and brands the opportunity to connect with their fans through immersive content experiences. Having in-house departments in film, TV, gaming, merchandise, events and publishing, 3BlackDot aims to create properties, products and campaigns which can be exploited simultaneously in these areas — while reducing the time to market. The vertically integrated company is uniquely positioned to harness the power of audience driven creators and satisfy the need for holistic entertainment/consumer experiences. Since its founding, 3BD has partnered with creators to sell more than 15 million books worldwide, amass 23 billion digital views, accumulate 100M+ subscribers across its network of 85 creators and has shipped hundreds of thousands of physical merchandise.

The Sales Account Manager will lead the execution of brand integrations and gameplay campaigns. You are responsible for responding to RFPs and working with third party brands and agency partners primarily in gaming publishing and hardware manufacturers.

You will actively work to understand the capabilities of 3BD and Webedia and how those capabilities can add value to client initiatives. Working closely with the internal talent management, creative strategy and marketing teams, identify the right talent partners, ensure briefs are strategically sound and produce strong creative output. You will facilitate execution of creative that reinforces the strategy required to solve our clients business challenges. You are comfortable supporting sales, talent and creative in delivering the campaign strategies to clients. You are the point of contact to client; updating them daily on the execution of their campaign, ultimately responsible party for inspiring confidence in the client

You’re responsible for ‘closing out’ each campaign with a post campaign recap and where necessary, internal ‘post mortem’ with the involved teams. You are persistent in building closer relationships between clients and 3BD and ensuring repeat business and larger scope and spend moving forward. You are constantly pursuing new revenue opportunities within existing client relationships.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Run point on 3BD’s endemic brand and agency campaigns and executions
  • Engage a large volume of B2B and B2C clients through an inbound sales queue
  • Incorporate future 3BD capabilities into 3BD execution process
  • Maintain case studies and 3BD capabilities presentation to generate inbound opportunities and repeat business
  • Monitor securing deliverables budgets and margins, monitoring value creation for 3BD
  • You will cultivate business relationships and create an exceptional customer experience through the sales cycle
  • Provide recommendations for improvement of SEO, digital marketing, content and other aspects of inbound marketing
  • Ensure deliverables are aligned with deals terms and clients needs; managing deadlines and ensuring clear communication and delivery across internal and external stakeholders
  • Maintain active knowledge of market landscape, clients needs and future challenges, trends and competitor activities, providing market feedback to company leadership
  • Recommend creative strategic marketing campaigns and initiatives for clients
  • Obtain approvals and assets from client necessary for the Inbound Marketing team to execute client campaigns and deliverables
  • Provide Marketing team with clients’ requirements for client marketing campaigns in response to RFPs
  • Coordinate and run routine client meetings and status calls with clients
  • Optimize campaign performance to meet and/or exceed client goals


  • Understanding of gaming and digital media landscape
  • Proven track record of great customer service and client satisfaction
  • Detail oriented and experience executing on goals and deadlines
  • Be a team player and great collaborator; peer assessment of reliability and overall ability to execute is an important measure of success