VP, Marketing

3BLACKDOT (3BD) is a digital entertainment studio which partners with audience driven creators and community focused brands to create, produce, and finance innovative, original, and cross platform entertainment experiences. Today’s youth culture is marked by online/offline fluidity and 3BlackDot aims to optimize the user experience by creating complete 360 degree user-centric worlds allowing writers, directors, and talent the opportunity to connect with their fans through immersive content and brand experiences. The co-financier and co-producer of QUEEN & SLIM, 3BlackDot creates and finances new IP as they develop high-concept, moderate-budget projects with audience-driven creators. Having in-house departments in film, TV, gaming, merchandise, events and publishing, 3BlackDot aims to create properties and products which can be leveraged simultaneously in these areas — while reducing the time to market and giving creators opportunities to execute creatively and participate financially in ancillary areas they would never see at more traditional companies.

3BLACKDOT is looking for a Marketing leader who can develop marketing strategy, go-to-market plans and lead the entry of new brands from inception to launch. Our portfolio of capabilities extends across content - DTC and traditional film and TV - merchandising, consumer products and events. As the Head of Marketing at 3BD, you should have a firm understanding of the current zeitgeist of youth culture and develop marketing strategies that create meaningful connections between product and audiences, inspiring youth to take action.

The Head of Marketing at 3BD has experience at the product inception level and executing on a strategic vision. They are willing to go against the grain backed with the insight, intuition and explanatory knowledge to justify. Simultaneously, the head of marketing is also responsible for building 3BD’s corporate profile as a B2C brand. The 3BD Brand should be developed separate and apart from our portfolio of owned and operated ventures. The long term plan will center on the convergence of audience.

The head of Marketing helps to define the brand and product design based on the unique insights of our engaged communities. 3BD partners with audience driven creators and community focused brands to launch new products that go beyond engagement - our goal is to start movements and deliver products to audiences that offer complete and holistic experiences. 3BD at its core is a product company. The Head of Marketing at 3BD is excited by the opportunity to jump into a sandbox of opportunities to continue to build strong connections between communities and their expressions of fandom.

The Head of Marketing will lead marketing efforts across the entire 3BD portfolio - Gaming, Talent, Third Party Brands, Content, Merchandising as well as corporate marketing.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Productization: Build and execute on go-to-market plans that communicate 3BD’s value proposition and competitor differentiation
  • Develop cross-functional gaming, merchandising and product marketing strategy to grow audience and generate revenue streams via partnerships, new distribution channels, and new platforms
  • Identify clear vision to bring marketing plans to life; execute on multi-platform campaigns
  • Create buzz around 3BD merch, endemic and non-endemic brands; Position 3BD as a premium content creator and partner with third party distributors to maintain brand optimization and consistency
  • Strategize on franchise-driven opportunities to maximize our IP
  • Manage relationships with game developers/publishers, IP holders, and cross-divisional partners to create high profile and value added partnerships that increase awareness or user adoption of our owned and operating properties
  • Build and manage a team that works cross functionally to deliver marketing strategies for each of 3BDs business lines


  • Influencer Marketing experience, Project management/production/digital experience at media or marketing company, or in-house creative agency or publishing environment preferred
  • Advanced knowledge of gaming, digital and social marketing trends
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Strategic mindset, with ability to make difficult decisions
  • Demonstrable experience designing and implementing successful marketing campaigns