When the world runs on video games, these guys run the world.

When you’re a heavyweight influencer with a great audience, how do you take your brand of storytelling to new heights? 3BLACKDOT set out to answer that very question with four of some of the funniest, talented influencers around—VanossGaming, BasicallyIDoWrk, I AM WILDCAT, and Terroriser—in the form of an animated film. Together with Emmy award-winning animation studio, STARBURNS (Rick & Morty), and seasoned showrunners, Chris Bruno and David Lee (Facebook’s Human Discoveries), we’re producing and funding a dynamite, animated comedy pilot.

The premise? Unbeknownst to the general population, videogames are a real, tangible resource. Forget fossil fuels—it’s videogames that power the world and it’s up to our four guys playing games to generate enough energy to sustain all of mankind.

This untitled animated pilot will live on the featured influencers’ YouTube channels to gain traction with their massive audiences before moving onto traditional television and streaming platforms. 3BLACKDOT also plans on collaborating further with the starring influencers to create a major merchandise line featuring animated characters from the series.