Get ready to go viral.

At 3BLACKDOT, we love collaborating with visionary minds. So when we were given the opportunity to work with famed horror legend, Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever, Death Wish), we jumped. For this project, we wanted to go beyond producing a traditional blockbuster film—we collaborated to create a new, immersive world of horror—CLOWNPOCALYPSE.

When a tech genius CEO with a dark hidden agenda releases a massively popular social media photo filter, millions of attention obsessed users are mutated into psychotic clowns. A group of young delinquents go on a horrific journey to take down the CEO behind the madness, and restore the world to its normal kind of crazy.

Together with Roth and screenwriter Philip Gelatt (Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots), we’re developing a holistic world around CLOWNPOCALYPSE. Fans will consume the world through a fully realized, narrative universe capable sustaining terror beyond just the screen. Immersive, terrifying, and fun, it includes: a feature film, AR videogame, live event, short-form digital content, and merchandise. For the seasoned horror fan looking for their next thrill, this is a nightmare come true. Our approach is to build worlds that meet the needs of the current cultural norms. CLOWNPOCALYPSE embodies the fluidity of our experiences from online to offline, from gaming to movies and experiential events, all under the umbrella of a single narrative, giving fans a wholly satisfying experience.

CLOWNPOCALYPSE, the feature film, is slated for production in the first quarter of 2020.