Lauren Z Side has over 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 600 million views.

Lauren Z Side was one of our earliest partners and together, we built out a complete line of truly unique merchandise.

3BLACKDOT wanted to connect with Lauren Z Side’s fanbase and come up with special apparel and accessories that would resonate with her community. In a way, the merchandise was simply an extension of Lauren’s identity—each product was authentically conceived and designed to extend her brain from the screen to a tangible good.

The world of Lauren Z Side is galactic: it’s dazzling, steeped in jewel tones, opalescent, and bursting with stars. Each product in her merchandise line will catch your eye, from glow-in-the-dark, star-studded leggings to holographic fanny packs and pastel silk bombers. One of the most popular items was an adorable plushie, modeled after Lauren Z Side’s beloved dog, Dexter—the limited edition plushie sold out within hours!

With 3BLACKDOT, you’re getting more than just a simple purchase. You’re getting a unique retail experience that’s custom-made for your brand.