Heads will roll.

As a game that’s just as fun to watch as it is to play, MisBits embodies the core tenants of game development for 3BLACKDOT. We believe great games build great communities and creating space for individual discovery is integral to that process.

Our upcoming game, MisBits, accomplishes just that by being the most fun and exciting house on the block. As a multiplayer, 3D digital sandbox, the game itself is a space for exploration and curiosity, allowing the player to unlock new content through experimentation and creative expression. MisBits rewards curiosity and encourages experimentation. The possibilities are endless, only limited by imagination.

And because it’s multiplayer, that means you can share and experience the madness together with friends. Join in on the fun and find other players to make mischief with, or hack it on your own! It’s misfit for misfit in this crazy, colorful world of building blocks and rolling heads.

MisBits launches in the first quarter of 2020—heads will roll!

Website - MisBits.com