Indulge. Share. Collect.

At 3BLACKDOT, we exist within the intersection of gaming, lifestyle, and culture. With the launch of our new vinyl toy brand, Soft Serve, we’re bringing a new, shareable experience in the form of fun, premium collectibles.

The driving force behind Soft Serve is a vivid, wholesome concept: A 20-something-year-old buys an old ice cream truck with aspirations of selling something new and fun. They are a gamer, they love ice cream, and they love collecting vinyl toys. The ice cream truck is remodeled as a mobile haven for their collection of toys, games, and favorite flavors of ice cream. They drive around to conventions, food truck streets, and their friends’ neighborhood to show off their truck and shiny new collectibles.

Soft Serve is more than a line of toys; it’s an interactive experience and its own slice of culture. Modeled after beloved influencers like Vanoss and Lauren Z Side, each toy comes with its own custom display case and trading cards, for extra collectability.