VanossGaming (Evan Fong) is one of the most influential gaming content creators in the world with over 25 million subscribers and over 100 million monthly views. Since our founding days, VANOSS has been a longtime partner of 3BD in social media management, merchandise and brand partnerships.

VANOSS’ social media channels (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) of over 9 million engaged followers are managed by 3BD’s social team. From social media ideation to producing fully illustrated 8-tile posts, we collaborate with VANOSS to create original art that is relatable and unique to the VanossGaming community.

VANOSS’ iconic owl logo does not live only in the digital space. 3BD’s merchandise team has fully developed a lifestyle brand that is highly recognized in the gaming community and worn by millions of fans. Every step of that process, from ideation to design, to manufacturing, promotion, and fulfillment, is executed in-house by our team to connect directly to VANOSS’ followers.