We're helping individuals and organizations alike produce genuine brand experiences that exist within and shape youth culture.

Sure, engagement is cool. 3BLACKDOT delivers movements. Because a movement is how you'll go beyond what they watch and become what they wear, what they share, what they speak, and what they think.

Brand Integrations

We are influence. Let us connect you with voices who will amplify your brand’s value to their millions of followers. We’ll start the relationship, you’ll discover dedicated, lifelong customers.

Media Distribution

What would 500 million ad impressions do for your brand? Put your message in front of those ready and willing to hear it. Get access to our exclusive inventory of passionate, active, engaged viewers.


Physical products create a tangible link between your content and the real world, a link that builds lifetime affinity. We’ll market, package, and ship that experience right to your customer’s door.

Content Production

Content Production Creative challenges are what get us out of bed every morning. And the worlds we create translate to film, television, gaming, merchandise, literature and more. We’re building lasting IP, so come create with us.

Digital Studio

Film here: live streaming, mixed reality, magazine shows, green screening, or scripted content. 3BLACKDOT’s Digital Studio is a conveniently located LA recording space open to anyone.

Live Events

Experiences go beyond clicks or likes, engaging your audience with emotive, spiritual expression that exists in a physical space.

Live art creation, exciting performances, world-class catering—just some of what make our events life-changing experiences.

Game Development

Games should be as fun to watch as they are to play. That’s why every project we support designs for the viewer as much as the player.

Let’s build communities together.


We’ll make the world care about what you do, because even the best get ignored without a conduit to the masses.

We own the audience, the distribution, and the creative. Take advantage of our network to give your project its best chance at success.