Come create IP with us.

Creativity Drives Us

Making things is what we do. Creative challenges are what get us out of bed every morning. Where others see the ordinary, we see a story waiting to be told, a game world ready to be built, and inspiration around every corner.

Have an idea for something new? Let’s nurture it. We’ll shape it into something great, then make it into something you can display, distribute, publish and profit from.

We Create IP

Storytelling is the most powerful tool there is. But when stories transcend any one platform they becomes IP. Where other production companies sell stories, 3BD optimizes the user experience by creating complete 360 degree content worlds centered on the user, allowing writers, directors, and talent the opportunity to connect with their fans through immersive content experiences. So our stories can become feature films, television series, video games, merchandise, literature and more - all of which are connected to the same central narrative.

Start Here

We create and finance new IP, by developing high-concept, moderate-budget projects with audience-driven creators. Having in-house departments in film, TV, gaming, merchandise, events and publishing, we can reduce the time to market a project, and give creators opportunities to execute creatively and participate financially in ancillary areas they would never see at more traditional companies.

Start Now

We’re your full service creative and physical producers. We’ll help you go from idea, to inception, and all the way to final product. And all you have to do is make the call.