Experiences go beyond clicks or likes.

Why Live Events?

In-person experiences take engagement to the next level. The right one is one they’ll remember forever and that’s a recipe for lifelong customers.

Our Portfolio

Tens of thousands have experienced the power of a 3BD event with dozens of successful happy hours, parties, brand activations, conferences, fan conventions, meet and greets, and concerts in our portfolio.

Live art creation. Exciting musical performances. World-class catering. These are just some of what make 3BLACKDOT parties uniquely memorable.

Events Done Right

Should your attendees feel exhilarated? Or is relaxed and satisfied a better fit for your brand? Crafting the right mood and atmosphere at your live event is as important and nuanced as branding your product or content.

3BLACKDOT has the vendor network, experience, and creative talent to curate the perfect experience for your brand, product, or media launch.

Get Started

Don’t wait till the last minute to reach out because the sooner we start, the better your live experience will be. Get in touch with our Events Team now and we’ll start brainstorming the experiential concepts your fans will remember for life.